Grady Chaltain

Grady Chaltain, a 23 year old from Hanover, New Hampshire, was diagnosed with Medullobalstoma at age 21. Grady was a three-sport varsity athlete in high school, and continued to play sports at the University of Maryland. Unfortunately, after a complication with his cerebellum and motor control system, which affected his ability to use his muscles, he could no longer play sports. “Just a couple of years before, I was lighting up the basketball court, but instead, today I am focusing on putting one foot in front of the other without tumbling over in a heap.” In addition to his fight with cancer, Grady has been determined to help support his mother and siblings financially after his father passed away when he was 16. Grady’s determination is something we all believe is amazing. To this day, Grady is 100% cancer free and is a student, working hard to be independent.

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