Ashley Doyle

Ashley Doyle, a 29 year old from British Columbia, was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 28. “Cancer affects us all in so many ways. For me it made me really re-evaluate what I wanted in life and although I would never say cancer is a gift, it has definitely opened my eyes.” Ashley was a successful graphic designer before finding out her diagnosis. She had to put her life on pause, to dedicate herself to the fight against cancer. “I really want to help people make better food choices, and hope that I can contribute to a world where there is less illness and disease.” Ashley started a support group called “Cancer Buddies,” and is a member of the Army of Woman. In addition, she participates in many psychological medical studies in hopes of helping to reduce the risk of other women being diagnosed with breast cancer. Ashley continues to giveback to our community and we admire her will to try and lessen the prevalence of this disease.

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