Racheli Alkobey

Racheli was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 21. Be-fore diagnosis Racheli had moved to beautiful Los Angeles, a dream of hers. She spent a brief 4 months in Los Angles before having to move back home to Miami to receive treatment. Most people would be angry at the injustice of her diagnosis. Not Racheli! … Read more

Jaileen Guiterrez

Jaileen was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 18 while attending college at UC Irvine. She has not let cancer de-ter her, and has remained in school while undergoing treat-ment. She has a deeper appreciation for education and truly understands what a privilege it is. She will not allow cancer to take away her dream … Read more

Ben Doane

Ben was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 18. Ben needed a bone marrow transplant. He is currently recovering from the transplant. Ben reported that his family has been by his side through the entire journey. He says his mother has been his rock, day and night. Ben knows the value of family and … Read more

Amarco Dimayacyac

Amarco was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 27. Initially, Amarco struggled with the diagnosis, not knowing how to proceed, but he quickly turned that struggle into a second chance at life. He feels stronger, more positive, and more motivated than ever to pursue his career in Forensics. He is passionate and engaged and will … Read more

Scott Starr

Scott was diagnosed with Lymphoma at age 17 and had to give up his dreams quickly. He was enlisted to be in the Marine core, but has had to give that up because of cancer. Scott’s number one focus is now becoming healthy and going to college. Being young and having to battle cancer has … Read more

Angela Della Croce

Angela was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma at age 22. The diagnosis could not have come at a worse time. One month be-fore graduating college, Angela had to tell her employer she would not be able to take the job she had worked so hard to ob-tain. Her life was on hold because of cancer. With … Read more

Megan Miller

Megan was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma at age 22 and is now 23 and cancer free! Having to put school on hold wasn’t easy for Megan, but with her friends and family by her side, she knew she would soon get back to her life. As she re-enters the workforce and is finishing her education, … Read more

Jon Zeolla

Jon was diagnosed with a rare Appendiceal Tumor at age 25 Jon is a proud father and husband. Unfortunately, being diagnosed with cancer has been something he could not have foreseen and leaves him with a large amount of uncertainty. Jon is striving to become the best father and husband he can be and will … Read more

Amanda Cisneros

Amanda was diagnosed with Large B-cell lymphoma at age 28 and is currently cancer free! Having to move back home with her family in Texas was not easy, but she is more determined than ever to get her life back on track. She is back to working full-time and is preparing to move on her … Read more

Carter Fullhorst

Carter was diagnosed with CNS Germinoma at age 23. Currently living in Santa Clara, Carter was your average college student at UC Santa Cruz. One moment he was taking finals, the next he had a pounding headache and is battling for his life. Unfortu-nately, Carter is not the only one in his family battling cancer. … Read more